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I simply cannot say enough about Attorney Veronica Assalone and what an amazing person and attorney she is. My divorce was extremely complicated, difficult and drawn out because of the circumstances. I was devastated by what I was dealing with and Veronica was by my side every step of the way. She has been there for me ever since via phone, email and text. She is about as sharp as they come and has always looked out for my and my children’s best interest and has shown time and time again that she truly cares on a personal level at a time when it is most needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking counsel. her tag line is “Lawyers for Justice” and she is 100% all about that and actually goes above and beyond to make sure her client gets what they deserve. All of that at an incredibly fair cost. For all that she has accomplished for me, I am forever grateful. A++++++++


From my first phone call, thru my many emailed questions Veronicas response was immediate: knowledgeable : and just what Anyone in the process of a divorce could hope for! With Veronica I truly feel Me and my boys will be ok!


Veronica was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout my entire divorce. I initially contacted Veronica upon a close friend’s recommendation. Every time we met, I truly felt she had the best interest of my family in mind. Divorce can be stressful on everyone involved and sometimes you need an Attorney on your side who can help you make the right choices both inside and outside the courtroom. Veronica was that person for my children and I. She would give me her honest opinion prior to court as how the Judge would view issues and was always right in the end. I quickly learned she knew exactly what she was doing. I also found her to be very respected in the courtroom. Veronica was always only a phone call away and if I had chosen a different Attorney, I do not believe I would have achieved the same positive results when my divorce was finalized. I would not hesitate to refer her to any of my friends or family and I would gladly hire her to represent me again.


I would like to commend the service that Ms. Assalone was able to give to my son. She has the love of her job, which gives her the drive to be the best. Ms. Assalone is accurate, understanding, patient and impeccable in her field. Ms. Assalone’s drive, I am sure, leaves many attorneys speechless. Her dedication to her job is remarkable. In time, I am sure that her advancements in her career will be endless.

Mother of a Client from Attleboro

After my first lawyer dropped me during my divorce, i hired Veronica to represent me against my ex husband’s horrendous lying lawyer. Not only did Veronica protect me from all their false allegations, she was able to help me get my ex to settle with me and got me a settlement that i was very happy with and now i am able to move on with my life. She is one of the best divorce attorneys in the state, truely takes her client’s case to heart and has the knowledge and courage to fight for you!!


I am in the midst of a difficult divorce and would not be seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel” as I am now if it wasn’t for Veronica’s stellar representation. She is fair, honest, and absolutely knows what she is doing. She has both my and my children’s best interests at heart and had been more than fair in terms of payment. She is also always available via email, text, and or phone which is of great comfort. I have consistently felt supportive throughout this arduous process.


Two very simple words can effectively sum up what I want to express to you. I [also] want to make sure you understand exactly why those two words, though effective, are absolutely inadequate. There is [in this country] a generally accepted prejudice against the word “attorney.” Large numbers of people hear that word and cringe, as if it were a profanity. I wish all those, with that ignorance, could have seen how tenaciously and passionately you attacked my case. Your hard work and perseverance will never be forgotten.

Never have I witnessed or read a more heartfelt and sincere closing argument. Before you accuse me of being slightly biased, there is something you need to know. When I walked into the courtroom this morning, I had every expectation that I would leave there in handcuffs.

Although I had all the faith in the world that you would do everything in your power to prevent that from happening, I really didn’t feel that I deserved any kind of breaks at all. I listened to your argument not as a defendant, but as a juror. After hearing you speak, I truly believed, for the first time, that I should forgive myself and give myself another chance. I will do anything in my power to live up to becoming the person that you so eloquently described. If you ever, for even one second, have any doubts in regard to whether or not you have chosen the right profession, or whether or not you are making a difference, call me and I will dispel all doubt from your mind. You have chosen well and you have given me faith in myself.

So, getting back to those two words: thank you. Thank you for your indomitable spirit, thank you for having faith, thank you for changing the course of my life, and thank you for my freedom.

Former Client, Rhode Island

Your capacity for compassion, kindness and fair-minded support is equaled only by your knowledge of the law and the ferocity to seek the truth, protect the client’s rights and be the best attorney every day. You are unstoppable. You bring that bright light of a smile and gentility to a fast and difficult business. Yet the kindness, the empathy and clearly the thoughtfulness come from a very big heart with a lot of love and conviction.

Former Client, Rhode Island

All is well with both of us. We are in a place that most divorced couples never see and I am truly thankful. Everything is still on a positive note, thanks to you. The family therapist you recommended was a great suggestion, asset and tool to be able to have in our corner. This whole process, you know, kicked my anxiety into overdrive and at times made it extremely difficult for me to deal with situations … yet you managed to still be caring, patient and considerate and have my best interest at heart. Thank you so much for everything. You are an exceptional lawyer with your clients best interests at heart on an emotional and professional level. I am so glad I was introduced to you and I will continue to put your good name out there for others to share.

You gave me myself back.

Former Client, Rhode Island

Dear Veronica,

With all due respect, I would prefer to address you as “my kick-ass attorney!”

[You are] tough, brilliant, prepared, unintimidated, yet caring, compassionate and ready to kick ass. What else can I say, and what more would any client want from his/her attorney? I will never forget you.

Former Client, Rhode Island