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In Rhode Island, alimony or spousal support is very rarely awarded in a divorce case. Rhode Island is one of the least sympathetic states in the nation when it comes to spousal support or alimony, as there is an underlying opinion of the court that if a person has two arms and two legs and a heartbeat, then they can work. Spouses who have a lot of assets will frequently fight very hard to have Rhode Island take jurisdiction of their case so that they can avoid having to pay alimony.

How Is The Amount Of Alimony Or Spousal Support Calculated In Rhode Island?

The only circumstance under which alimony is awarded in Rhode Island is when there is a homemaker who has either never been in the workforce or has been out of the workforce for years in order to stay home and raise the children and doesn’t have any present skills that would allow them to become self-supporting and self-sufficient. In these cases, rehabilitative spousal support or alimony for a short number of years might be awarded.

Whether or not rehabilitative support will be awarded will depend on several factors, including the number of years the person has not worked, the status quo during the marriage, their level of education and skill, their earning potential, how many children are involved and what their needs are, and how long it will take for the spouse to rehabilitate themselves. They will also consider whether the other party has the financial means to provide spousal support.

As an aside, in the past, alimony was sometimes used as a tax shelter in the state of Rhode Island because alimony paid by one spouse to another was tax-deductible. This is no longer a consideration that can be factored in when determining whether or not a spouse can or should receive alimony.

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