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We serve individuals throughout Rhode Island, including the cities of Warwick, Providence, Coventry, Cranston, Newport, Pawtucket, Portsmouth, Bristol, Middletown, Barrington, Narragansett, Kingston, Charlestown and Scituate, and Kent County, Newport County, Providence County and Washington County. MILITARY DISCOUNT AVAILABLE.

Veronica Assalone

Assalone & Associates, LLC provides accessible legal representation in all areas of family law and criminal defense based on each client’s personal objectives. Whether a client seeks aggressive representation or a mediated resolution, our attorneys and mediators in Rhode Island and surrounding areas will work with each client’s individual needs in preparing a strategy to resolve your case. Our lead attorney, Veronica Assalone, has over 22 years of experience working with individuals facing tough legal issues, specifically divorce and child custody. Don’t wait – get in touch with Assalone & Associates, LLC right away for the legal representation you need. We can handle any high conflict or high asset case you present us with. We are your local lawyers for justice.

Why You Should Work With Assalone & Associates, LLC

Lead attorney, Veronica Assalone and her associate, Victoria Lombardi is experienced certified mediators and divorce and criminal defense attorney in Rhode Island and surrounding areas. Using effective approaches and proven strategies, they have helped a wide variety of satisfied clients and families with their legal needs. They will go above and beyond to:

  • Maintain open communication throughout the legal process
  • Offer compassionate, effective and innovative representation based on the individual needs of the party
  • Provide a collaborative and transparent approach to the resolution of your case

Veronica is known to be a fierce, compassionate advocate for her family law and criminal clients in the state of Rhode Island. She has a reputation for excellence in the local community and works hard to get her clients the results they seek. Contact Assalone & Associates, LLC right now for your family law or criminal law matter in Rhode Island.

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Assalone & Associates, LLC is here to fight for your rights and protect them, and you, in the courtroom. Get in touch with Assalone & Associates, LLC right now to discuss your case with a dedicated attorney. You’ll get the legal support you need for your divorce, child custody or criminal case in Rhode Island.

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The Need For Compassionate Family Law Attorneys In Rhode Island

Family law encompasses many very difficult and emotional issues, including separation, divorce, and child custody. When going through such deeply personal life events in Rhode Island it in extremely important to have an accessible family law attorney who you can trust and who is on your side.

In a family law and/or criminal law case, the attorney you choose to represent you really matters. If you are currently facing any of the following issues, it is imperative that you contact the Rhode Island family law and criminal law lawyers at Assalone & Associates, LLC:

  • Adoption
  • Criminal Domestic Allegations
  • Restraining Orders
  • Alimony / Spousal Support
  • Criminal Expungements
  • Separation
  • Child Abuse
  • DCYF Defense
  • Visitation
  • Child Custody
  • Divorce
  • Wills
  • Child Support
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney

When it comes to divorce, many people don’t realize that Rhode Island is not what is called a community property state. Rhode Island uses an equitable distribution standard, when it comes to dividing marital property. This means that so long as the judge feels the division is fair, marital property does not have to be divided down the middle. Any property that was owned by one party or the other before the marriage may remain with that party. Equitable division can make diving property a bit more complicated than it is when divorcing in a community property state. It requires the expertise of an experienced Rhode Island divorce attorney.

The family law attorneys at Assalone & Associates, LLC are incredibly experienced in handing sensitive family issues like child custody, child support, divorce, and visitation rights with compassion. These issues can be delicate, as they often require sharing the private details of your marriage, parenting, and finances with a virtual stranger. It is so important to find a divorce and child custody attorney you can trust to handle your case discreetly and skillfully. A skilled and experienced family law attorney in Rhode Island can help put you at ease and protect your legal rights.

Family law issues are simply too important to be left in the hands of just any attorney. If you are facing the harsh reality of a separation, divorce, custody dispute, or issues regarding child support, alimony, paternity, or adoption, call Assalone & associates, LLC and speak to a Rhode Island family law lawyer about your case today.

Client Testimonials

“Absolutely wonderful team! I have never been more impressed by a lawyer. I currently have Victoria Lombardi; she is phenomenal and extremely down to earth. Money well spent. I will forever recommend this group to anyone in need of their services!”

– Allie L.

Do You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney In Rhode Island?

Criminal law is what we call our legal system of crimes and punishments, created to penalize those who’ve broken the law and also to deter future violations. The consequences of violating criminal laws can be very severe and might include anything from fines with or without probation to life in prison. If you should find yourself accused of a crime in Rhode Island or the surrounding area, you should protect your rights by immediately consulting with a criminal law attorney. When you’re being prosecuted for a criminal accusation in Rhode Island having hired a criminal DUI or domestic defense attorney as soon as you have the chance tells the prosecuting attorneys in Rhode Island that you are taking this criminal matter seriously and that you and your attorney will not provide them with an easy win.

If you suspect that there could be a warrant for your arrest in the Rhode Island area, your criminal law attorney has the right to make arrangements with the court for you to turn yourself in and possibly post bail. This can prevent any type of embarrassing scene, where you are arrested at your home or your place of employment. Instead, you could easily show up at the courthouse and meet up with your lawyer. If a warrant has been issued for you due to a probation or parole violation, it is important to have an experienced Rhode Island probation and parole violation attorney protecting your rights throughout this process.

Assalone & Associates, LLC can craft a customized criminal defense strategy that can assist you in protecting the future of both your career and your personal life. Our experienced team can defend your legal rights and fight to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed. A strong legal advocate from Assalone & Associates, LLC on your side means putting your criminal case behind you sooner. You just may be able to get a positive outcome while minimizing the time you miss from work. By working with a Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer from Assalone & Associates, LLC you could potentially preserve your clean record, keep your driving privileges, prevent your insurance rates from rising, and uphold your reputation.

The criminal law attorneys at Assalone & Associates, LLC are dedicated to offering passionate and compassionate representation to our Rhode Island clients. Our number one goal is always to provide our clients with the kind of personalized attention and legal advocacy that they will not find anywhere else. Consider contacting us today to schedule a free phone consultation on your criminal matter.

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