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Divorce Mediation“Mediation is the future in affordably solving the dissolution of a marriage and custody issues outside of the courtroom, with dignity, integrity, and without the usual emotional and financial cost that comes with a contested divorce or custody issues.” – Veronica Assalone, Esq.


Veronica Assalone is a certified Family Law Mediator, with nearly 22 years of legal experience. Veronica understands first hand that mediation is the very best opportunity for divorcing parties to avoid the monumental emotional and financial cost of a contested divorce. Divorce mediation can serve to assist parties in creating the best agreement specifically for them while maintaining control over the process and resolving their matter privately with integrity and with a focus on the parties’ needs, while effectively avoiding possible intervention by the court, judges or lawyers.

Divorce mediation is without a doubt the most affordable route for divorcing parties. Mediation can virtually save thousands of dollars by ensuring a satisfactory and realistic plan for the future. With mediation, the parties may share the expense of one mediator who has extensive legal experience while paying less than the average divorce attorney’s billable hour.

Mediation serves to empower divorcing parties to be the architect of their own divorce and to create the blueprint for their future without having strangers decide what is right for them.

Divorce mediation gives both parties’ concerns an opportunity to be heard clearly, and for problem solving to be catered around the parties’ specific needs. Mediation means both parties “win” an agreement that they both think is fair instead one party being the “winner” and one party being the “loser”.

Mediation offers the best approach for divorcing or separated couples to develop a parenting plan that is best for them and their family. Instead of the cookie cutter approach that might be employed by the court, an individual plan that considers both parents interests and the best interests of children can be achieved. In custody cases where children are involved, mediation can empower both parents towards cooperation that is future focused and task oriented for the best interest of their children.


Veronica Assalone sets herself apart from other mediators in several ways. First, she is a certified and trained mediator in the State of Rhode Island, not all mediators possess the required training and certifications to hold themselves out as a certified Rhode Island Family Mediator. Veronica’s decades of practical experience sets her apart because she starts most every weekday morning in a Family Courtroom and brings with her this invaluable experience to the divorce or custody mediation table.

Because she has “walked the walk” day in and day out as a family law litigator, Veronica’s unique perspective and practical experience at the mediation table lends to assist the parties in mediating their issues and avoiding costly litigation.

Veronica Assalone brings nearly 22 years of legal experience, compassion and her passion for helping people to the mediation table in an effort to assist parties in effectively resolving their divorce or custody issues. Veronica has access to many resources to help parties create their best plan including access to the best family therapists, accountants and financial planners that may also assist parties in effectively developing their divorce and parenting plan that is best for them.

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