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Possession Of Alcohol By A MinorWhile it is widely understood that possession of alcohol by a minor is illegal, it is not uncommon for cities to exploit these charges to generate income. A conviction could have a negative impact on a minor’s education and employability.

As a parent, you are likely very concerned about your child’s well-being while at college, on and off campus. It is essential that you hire any attorney who feels the same. At Assalone & Associates, LLC, our lawyer has nearly 22 years of experience helping individuals and their families as they navigate the complexities associated with criminal law.

If your child was charged with possession of alcohol by a minor, you could face three different courts — municipal court, district court and, if a car was involved, the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal. If this is a repeat offense, your child could face jail time. Juggling these three branches of government is extremely complex. One slipup could jeopardize your case.

Attorney Veronica Assalone has a proven track record of winning cases for her clients in both criminal law and family law. Former clients have said, “She is an exceptional lawyer with her clients’ best interests at heart,” and, “She has given me my life back.”

She is committed to carefully examining the circumstances surrounding your situation. She will determine if law enforcement followed proper procedure while minding your rights. Attorney Assalone is well-known in the Rhode Island community for her work as both an aggressive and compassionate attorney. She cares deeply for her clients and will stop at nothing to obtain the best outcome possible.

Our lawyer is proficient in Spanish, French, German, Italian and American Sign Language. Our office assistants speak Portuguese and Spanish.

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